There are many kind of pizzas. Here’s one, which launching soon in the U.S.
And it’s looking really good! Or what do you think?

“We’ve reached peak bacon and that’s just fine”

…But not everything looking good is light and healthy! It might taste delicious, though.  😉
It’s better for your health to know a slice of Little Caesar’s Bacon Pizza has 450 Kcals in it!

You are free to compare it to PiZZalada’s calory calculation below!



Pizzalada’s is a New fast Food Concept
for Your Service Line.

PiZZalada's Pizza is both light, helthy and delious!



PiZZalada’s Pizza is both light, helthy and delious!

PiZZalada’s calory calculation

        PiZZa PiZZaladas PiZZaladas    
        kcal kcal kcal kcal      
        100g 400g 550g  100g       
PiZZaladas kuitupohja (5,15g/100g) 244.95            
Juustoraaste 30%     227.14            
Tomaattikastike     112.85            
Broiler/kana file 2%     35.34            
Kinkku 4,5%      42.64            
Salami 22%     118.73            
BASIC PIZZA     239.21 956.84 1108.26 201.50      
KANAFILE PIZZA     210.19 840.76 992.18 180.40      
KINKKU PIZZA     212.01 848.05 999.47 181.72      
PEPPERONI PIZZA     231.04 924.14 1075.56 195.56      
            (400g+150g caesar salaatti krutongeilla+kastike)
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